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Seven people seriously injured in Darfur robberies

Transport in Darfur (File photo)
Transport in Darfur (File photo)

Seven people, including two attackers, were seriously injured on Sunday in two separate highway robberies in South and North Darfur.

Two attackers and an officer with the rank of major were seriously injured In Rahad El Berdi in South Darfur on Sunday.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that two men on a motorcycle intercepted the vehicle carrying the major. One of the men threw a grenade at the car, which led to the amputation of his hand. His companion was injured as well.

The army officer was also seriously injured. All three men were transferred to the El Sheila Hospital for treatment.

Witnesses also reported the increased presence of men carrying firearms at the weekly markets in the region. They also noticed increases in people wearing a kadamool (a scarf covering the face), the use of unlicensed motorcycles, and the spread of drugs.

North Darfur injuries

Four people were seriously injured in an attack by gunmen on a convoy of seven passenger lorries on its way from the Sorotony camp for the displaced to Kabkabiya in North Darfur on Sunday morning.

Adam Juma told Radio Dabanga that a large number of gunmen on motorcycles blocked the road at eight in the morning. When the lorries stopped, they beat up the passengers with rifle butts, sticks, and whips, before robbing them of their money and telephones.

Four people were seriously injured and were taken to Kabkabiya Hospital. A complaint was filed at the police of Kabkabiya.

Robberies and security tensions have been on the rise in Darfur since the start of the October 25 military coup.

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