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Security arrests Sudan opposition in Khartoum

October 27 - 2015 KHARTOUM
A rally of the opposition Sudanese Congress Party (file photo)
A rally of the opposition Sudanese Congress Party (file photo)

Three members of the Sudanese Congress Party were arrested in a market in Khartoum North on Tuesday afternoon, when they were delivering a public speech.

The spokesman for the party, Bakri Yousef, informed Radio Dabanga that members of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) arrested Fouad Osman Bilal, Yousef Haroun, and Nuseiba Masid because they were publicly criticising the Sudanese government at the Haj Yousef market.

“The security forces pursued the three SCP members and arrested them after their speech. They have been taken to an unknown location,” according to the spokesman.

In August, ten party members were also detained because of the party’s continuing campaign against the government, that it has been holding at markets and other public places in the country since last year.

The security service releases most political detainees soon, although opposition members and activists reportedly remain semi-detained and are summoned to report to the security offices daily while their belongings are confiscated.

President Omar Al Bashir hinted that political parties in Sudan would enjoy the freedom to hold public events when he addressed the first National Dialogue conference on 10 October. His pledge came as an attempt to improve the political environment in Sudan for the dialogue, and to convince his opponents to join the talks that address the armed conflicts and economic issues in the country.

The opposition Reform Now Movement, however, was denied a permit by security authorities to hold a public symposium in Khartoum North on 17 October.

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