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Second day of protests leave dozens dead and injured in Nyala, S Darfur

August 1 - 2012 NYALA

Yesterday morning dozens of people were killed and injured during protests in Nyala, South Darfur. In addition, protesters burned a petrol station, two police stations and the administration of education in north Nyala county. Protests continued today and demonstrators consider it the most violent since protests broke out in Sudan last June.

Protesters are complaining about the high prices of basic commodities and the rise of transportation tariffs. They call for the fall of the regime chanting “Nyala revolts, revolts! Against the thief of Kafuri”, referring to Sudan's president Omar Al-Bashir.

Information about the killings related to the demonstrations are contradictory. Eye witnesses told Radio Dabanga that 60 people were killed and injured, while medical sources assured that eight people were killed (one child, a businessman and six students) and 50 were injured. Nine of them are in critical condition. They say injuries were caused by bullets, sticks, stabbings and in most cases by tear gas, leading to asphyxiation. The medical manager of Nyala's Hospital told Radio Dabanga they called all emergency response units to treat the cases arriving at the hospital.

Eye witnesses informed Radio Dabanga that in one of the worst incidents police and security forces violently confronted demonstrators. Protesters were shot, hit with sticks, stabbed by knives and gun blades and tear gas was thrown at them.

Students enter Nyala

Despite being previously prevented by the police to enter Nyala, a source told Radio Dabanga students managed to enter the town today. They invaded the building of Nyala's broadcast station, burned a police station at a popular market, another police station at the Al Malaja market and also the administration of education in north Nyala and a petrol station.

Students stoned the governor's house and repeatedly chanted “People want to break down the regime” and “Nyala revolts, revolts! Against the thief of Kafuri”. An eye witness informed Radio Dabanga that protesters then divided in small groups and closed off roads using burning tires. Demonstrations continued in Nyala's living areas until late night yesterday.

The spokesperson of the government of South Darfur, Buthina Mohamed Ahmed, declared that six demonstrators were killed and that the police contained the demonstrations. Ahmed added that an investigation will be carried out to find out the reasons of the demonstrations.

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