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Abu-Manga hostage escapes from captivity

July 31 - 2012 AL HAMIDIYA

One of the nine hostages abducted by Abu-Manga troops on the 9th of July managed to escape from captivity. The displaced person Adam Adam Abdul Alshaffi, from the Al Hamidiya camp in Central Darfur, escaped 6 days ago. Family members recount his ordeal.

After escaping, Adam Adam Abdul Alshaffi approached authorities from Nertete county, who transferred him to Zalingei and reunited him with his family. One of his family members told Radio Dabanga that Abu-Manga troops beat and tortured the hostages, tying their hands and feet and hanging them from trees. In addition, the hostages were not able to sleep during a whole night.

The family member added that since their abduction, hostages were treated like enemy mutiny groups and were forced to do slave work in farms located in an area called Bushra Al Taib, south east Zalingei.

He added that one of the hostages, Faisel Adam Ismayl, is seriously injured as he was hit by a bullet during the abduction. He is in urgent need of medical treatment. Alshaffi's family member appealed to UNAMID, humanitarian organizations and local authorities to intervene and free the hostages.

Abu-Manga's troops kidnapped 9 displaced people from the Al Hamidiya camp in Central Darfur. They ask for a ransom of 900 million Sudanese pounds in order to release the hostages.

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