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‘SDG 4.37 million stolen or misspent in South Darfur’: Auditor

December 14 - 2016 NYALA

The State Auditor of South Darfur has reported the loss of more than SDG4.37 million ($673,000) in “attacks on public money by dishonesty” in the state.

In a statement, Auditor Ibrahim Hassan Radwan says that over the past year, the amounts associated with irregularities have increased by 95.2%. The figures for 2016 are more than SDG3 million ($460,000) higher than those reported for 2014.

Among the figures the auditor highlights, money lost by theft amounts to SDG575,896 ($88,600), forgery SDG2,174 ($335), while “spending by unjust means” amounted to SDG1,620,112 ($250,000).

The auditor’s report said that “the Governor of South Darfur has spent SDG610,300 ($95,000) as incentives, rewards, allowances, and support to members of the state legislative council. This is in clear violation of the legal provisions of the occupants of constitutional positions for the year, and is “considered a waste and spendthrift of public money”, the report reads.

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