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SAF, SPLM-N claim victory in South Kordofan battle

December 9 - 2011 KADUGLI

Both parties say they defeated the other convincingly

The Sudanese government and the opposition Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) both claim to have won over the other in battles that took place on Wednesday in South Kordofan.

The government says that it has taken control of Elatamor after getting past traps set by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, the armed wing of the SPLM-N, in that region. The official spokesperson of the Sudanese armed forces Colonel Sawarmi Khalid stated on Wednesday that they have taken over a tank and destroyed another using cannons and inflicted fatal losses in terms of lives and equipments.

SPLM-N: 40 Abu Tira personnel killed

The SPLM-N on the other hand said that it had laid a trap in the region of Hajar Eljawad along the Kadugli-Delenj road that resulted in the death of more than 40 from the central reserve force, including the head of the team.

It also said that three Land Cruiser cars loaded with guns were destroyed; three artilleries and tens of light weapons, including RBG 7 and BKM machine guns were taken over. It also claimed to have dispersed militias of the National Congress Party (NCP) under the head of Kafi Tayar who attacked Dalkoma, ten kilometers south of Kadugli, resulting in the death of nine.

SPLM-N said that great losses were inflicted on the militia in terms of weapons and that the militia fled to Kadugli and left its fight.

Sudan, S Sudan accuse each other of attacks

On the other hand, the governments of both Sudan and South Sudan accused the other of carrying out attacks on Wednesday along the border area of Jau, South Kordofan.

Sudanese armed forces had announced earlier to have taken complete control of the region of Alubaid Lake (Jau) which lies along the border of South Kordofan.

A statement released by the armed forces said that it had won in an attack by the SPLM-N in the region of Alatamor and took over heavy and light weapons. The official spokesperson of the Sudanese ministry of foreign affairs ambassador Alabid Ahmed Maroh said that Sudan has raised a complaint to the UN Security Council on the incident.

The official spokesperson of the South Sudanese army, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) Col. Philip Aguer, however, said that they have repelled the attack of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) that raided the region of Jau which lies along the territory of South Sudan.

He also added that the first attack took place on Saturday when the SAF raided the region which he said without a doubt lies on the territory of South Sudan. The spokesperson of the South Sudanese ministry of foreign affairs Mathiang Renc said that his country will present a complaint to the UN Security Council.

Meanwhile, the UNHCR official Mimi Gerard said that the fight had resulted in the displacement of hundreds of civilians in Jau to Ida refugee camp and to the south.

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