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Sacked Sudan Airlines workers picket union in Khartoum

September 3 - 2018 KHARTOUM
File photo
File photo

On Sunday, Sudanese Airlines workers who have been laid-off organised a protest in front of the Sudanese Workers Union buildings at El Baladiya Street in Khartoum, demanding payment of their dues by the company.

The security forces took the banners from the hands of the protesters and the police besieged the union buildings to deny the protesters access.

Worker’ Rights Committee member, Adil Ahmed El Mustafa said some workers were evicted from their homes.


In early August, airlines in Sudan announced an increase in domestic flight prices by more than 20 per cent.

The airlines pointed to an increase of 23 per cent, caused by the rising fuel prices since end December, and the indicative US dollar rate which the Bank of Sudan raised twice this year.

Economic analyst and former banker Hafiz Ismail confirmed that the ticket price increase is linked to the rapidly dropping value of the Sudanese Pound.

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