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River Nile state reports more children stung by scorpions

September 4 - 2018 EL BUHEIRA
Scorpion or leiurus quinquestriatus (file photo)
Scorpion or leiurus quinquestriatus (file photo)

There has been a rise in the number of child victims of scorpion stings in River Nile’s El Buheira area. A member of parliament said that local authorities should take responsibility in combating a growing scorpion population.

Mubarak Abbas, the MP of Abu Hamad in River Nile state, reported that more children have become victims of stings by scorpions in El Buheira, north of Khartoum. There have been dozens of victims.

Abbas accused local and River Nile state authorities of failing to find radical solutions to the spread of scorpions in the area.

In August, a young child named El Barajob Khalil Harbi, died after being stung by a scorpion at El Manaseer region in River Nile state.

In December 2017, when two children died of scorpion stings, also in El Manaseer, a town north of Ed Damer near the river.

One of the leaders in El Manaseer at the time also accused the state government of failing to perform its duties. “The number of the people who died of scorpion stings has risen to 79 since the establishment of the dam. The majority of them are children.”

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