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Two children die of scorpion sting in Sudan's River Nile

December 11 - 2017 EL MANASEER
Scorpion or leiurus quinquestriatus (Reptarium)
Scorpion or leiurus quinquestriatus (Reptarium)

Two children died of scorpion stings in El Manaseer in River Nile state. Local community leaders pointed out that there have been more scorpions to the area.

The two children, Ibtisal Faisal Ibrahim (5 years) and Manar Mustafa Habib (4 years) have died of the stings in Berti and Ganawit villages in El Manaseer.

One of the leaders in El Manaseer, Mohamed El Nazir, has accused the state government of failing to perform its duties. “The number of the people who died of scorpion stings has risen to 79 since the establishment of the dam. The majority of them are children.”

While a sting of the 'deathstalker' scorpion - common in desert areas - is very painful, it will not normally kill a healthy adult, but can be fatal to children and the elderly. In September 2016, three children died of scorpion stings in River Nile.

El Nazir said that Berti village has a simple health centre that is run by a medical assistant. He and other leaders have appealed to local organisations to provide a supply of scorpion anti-venom to the area.


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