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'Resurgence of violence' in North Darfur's Saraf Omra

May 6 - 2021 SARAF OMRA
RSF paramilitary and their vehicles (SUNA)
RSF paramilitary and their vehicles (SUNA)

A boy was killed in Saraf Omra, North Darfur, in a firefight between armed men and paramilitaries of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on Tuesday. In another incident in the same area, six farmers were wounded.

Mohamed Khater told Radio Dabanga that the child was fatally hit by a stray bullet when RSF members clashed with a group of armed men on motorbikes wearing a kadamol (a scarf covering the face).

The RSF tried to take control over the gunmen on motorbikes. As they tried to resist the RSF heavy gunfire erupted, which caused panic in the town and led to the closure of the local market. The RSF managed to seize a number of motors whilst the gunmen broke the windows of several RSF vehicles.

Khater said that Saraf Omra witnesses a resurgence of violence at the moment. More shootings have recently taken place with civilians being hit by bullets.

In another incident in Saraf Omra locality, six farmers, including a woman, were injured when armed men raided farms in the area on Monday.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a listener reported that a group of gunmen robbed farmers in Wadi Bargo at gunpoint on Monday evening.  The gunmen beat them with their rifle butts and stole their belongings.

Three of the victims sustained severe gunshot wounds and had to be taken to Zalingei Hospital for treatment while the others were taken to the nearby Saraf Omra Hospital.

Earlier this year, the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) in North Darfur warned of the insecurity and absence of security forces in the state. Last month, a Security Council delegation arrived in North Darfur to address the concerns.

Earlier this week, Radio Dabanga reported on the continuation of violence and lawlessness in North Darfur’s Kutum.

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