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Reports of torture and executions in South Kordofan military prison

July 25 - 2012 KADUGLI

A detainee who recently escaped from the Band 14 prison in Kadugli, South Kordofan, accuses the prison's security authorities of torturing and killing dozens of inmates. He claims the killings happened under the supervision of the prison's Division of Military Intelligence.

Mahi Al din Mahmud Alaissr escaped from the Band 14 military prison in Kadugli on the 15th of June 2012 together with another eight detainees. He revealed that security authorities from the prison assassinated 66 inmates after the conflict in South Kordofan broke out in 2011. Among the detainees who were killed are: Brigadier General Ahmad Bahr Hjana; the teacher Sabit, who is headmaster of the Kronko Abdullah school; Sergeant Abdullah Gabriel; Lieutenant Moussa Santo and Malik Abdul-Qader; South Kordofan's legislation council member Omar Fadel; soldier Rahma Mahdi and the citizens Abdo Osman Malin and Sediq Khalil Cody.

Alaissr told Radio Dabanga that the assassinations happened under the supervision of the Division of Military Intelligence of the prison commanded by Colonel Awad Shabo and his successors: Colonel Abdullah Hassan, also known as Adaaroub; followed by Saif Al-Din Yousef Saif Al-Din; Capitan Adam Ali Abakker and Mohammed Hamid; Lieutenant Osman Ali Osman; Corporal Jacob Ismail; Sergeant Omar Coffi; Hadid Bank and Corporal Adam Kabiri.

He also said that the inmates who were not assassinated died from diseases. The prison's administrators forbid inmates to see doctors and to receive medications and there are no health care facilities in the prison. Seven inmates died in a period of six months due to lack of treatment.

In addition, Alaissr said that detainees are systematically tortured in the prison. They are beaten up, have their hands and legs tied up and they hang from the roof and windows for long periods of time. Inmates are only allowed two meals per day that consist of sorghum and millet. Alaissr added that prison authorities place 16 detainees in narrow cells (2m x 3m) without toilet facilities, forcing them to urinate in buckets placed inside their cells.

Radio Dabanga will broadcast Alaissr's interview in two parts on Thursday and Friday (26 and 27th July).

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