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Red Sea state, eastern Sudan, imposes ‘tourism support fees’

February 3 - 2015 PORT SUDAN
Port Sudan (file photo)
Port Sudan (file photo)

Sudan’s Red Sea state has passed a new law defining the fees to be paid for state government services. The fees range from SDG1 ($0.17) to SDG150 ($25). The proceeds will be used to encourage tourism in the state.

Non-payment of the fees may lead to a fine, and/or a prison sentence with a maximum of two years. The new fees include a compulsory “tourism support stamp” of SGD1, for all financial transactions that require the extraction of Form 15, and for 23 other services, such as issuing passports and commercial licenses, bus and air line tickets, and permits for private and public festivities.

Hamed Idris Suleiman, member of the Red Sea state parliament, described the law as “illegal”. He told Dabanga that he opposes the “doubling of the fees, and the many places of collection. Moreover, the people have other concerns than encouraging tourism in the state.”

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