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Rebels: Three dead, ongoing air raids in South Kordofan, Blue Nile

April 14 - 2016 KADUGLI / BLUE NILE
Displaced by conflict in South Kordofan (UN, 2011)
Displaced by conflict in South Kordofan (UN, 2011)

Three children died in an aerial bombardment in the Nuba Mountains on Sunday, the rebel SPLM-N reported. Others were injured in daily bombardments in South Kordofan from Sunday to Tuesday.

An Antonov plane of the Sudanese Air Force dropped the bombs responsible for the death of the three children in Um Serdiba, near Um Dorain, the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North said in a statement to Radio Dabanga today.

“Um Dorain [east of the capital Kadugli of South Kordofan] was hit by 18 barrel bombs that killed three children,” spokesman Arnu Ngutulu Lodi said. He reported their names to be Ali Mohamed Ismail Alsilik (5), Jamal Mohamed Ismail Alsilik (7), and Tutu Hamad Tira Tutu (7).

The next day, 12 bombs fell on Um Serdiba, without any casualties reported.

Besides Um Serdiba, the rebels claim that “50 bombs were dropped on various villages in the Nuba Mountains” from Sunday to Tuesday. Lodi reported that the bombed areas include Abulila and Hagar-bago in Heiban locality, which is in the east of Um Dorain.

On Tuesday evening, three children and one man were injured when the Air Force dropped six bombs in the area of Tanasa in Buram locality, south of Kadugli.

Over the weekend, the SPLM-N reported it inflicted heavy casualties on Sudanese forces and allied militiamen in ambushes and shelling around Kadugli, and near Heiban, Kologi, and Um Serdiba. It also reported air raids by the Air Force in Umm Dorain, east of Kadugli, on Saturday.

The Sudanese army has launched its 'dry-season offensive' against the rebels in South Kordofan in an attempt to win large parts of the Nuba Mountains from the grip of the rebels.

Blue Nile

In Sudan's Blue Nile, Lodi said that the Air Force “systematically attacked” Mufu, Alrom, Algraweed and Mormoton areas in Sudan's Blue Nile after Sudanese soldiers “were defeated in Mufu on 5 April”.

“The attacks terrorised the civilians and caused big destruction on their properties,” the spokesman claimed.

Last week, the SPLM-N seized materiel after they defeated contingents of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in a battle near Mufu.


According to the Sudanese Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC), civilians have fled their homes following the heavy fighting in South Kordofan. The displaced arrived Rashad, El Abassiya and Abu Jubaiha localities, the UN's humanitarian office (OCHA) reported.

While about 720 newly displaced people have been reported, more are expected to be displaced over the coming days as fighting continues, according to HAC. Hundreds have reportedly arrived in Rashad and El Abassiya in the first week of April.

In Abu Jubaiha locality, HAC also reported the arrival of 30 people. Local authorities plan to relocate these people.

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