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Rebels claim attack on military convoy in North Darfur

May 19 - 2014 NORTH DARFUR

The Justice and Equality Movement faction led by Bakhit Dabjo (JEM-Sudan) announced the killing of 30 army and militia troops in the area of Galab in North Darfur today.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, JEM-Sudan commander Abdel Aziz Abakar Yousif reported that his force attacked a military convoy in the area of Galab, 15km south of North Darfur’s capital El Fasher, at 9am today (Monday). “The convoy was on its way to Tabit. At least 30 government and militia troops were killed, and others wounded.”

The rebel force seized three military vehicles loaded with weapons, and destroyed a large vehicle loaded with supplies and ammunition.

The commander added that they are still counting the dead and wounded.

File photo: Rebel troops in Darfur

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