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Rebel forces claim control of North Darfur localities

March 5 - 2014 NORTH DARFUR

Darfur rebel forces announced full control of three localities in North Darfur, Alliet, El Taweisha, and Kalamindo since Wednesday.

Troops of the rebels, since recently calling themselves the "Darfur joint resistance forces", entered Kalamindo locality on Wednesday afternoon, multiple sources told Radio Dabanga. Flags of the Darfur rebel movements as well as the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) were raised in Alliet Jarelnabi, El Taweisha, and Kalamindo localities.

“Our forces entered Klaimendo without any resistance. Government troops present in the area fled to North Darfur’s capital of El Fasher, just moments before we arrived,” Adam Saleh Abakar, spokesman for the Darfur joint resistance forces and Minni Minawi's troops (SLM-MM), told Radio Dabanga. 

“The total of government troops killed in the battle of El Taweisha is 48. We seized 15 Land Cruisers, mounted with Dushka machineguns, and various tanks, as well as RPG’s, shotguns, and Kalashnikovs.”

Abakar announced that after the joint rebel forces take control of the villages and the surrounding areas in the three localities, they intend to facilitate the formation of civil governments by the citizens of the region, “without any interference by the joint resistance forces or the SRF”.


The Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdel Wahid El Nur (SLM-AW) and the SLM faction under the command of Minni Minawi (SLM-MM) are members of the SRF, an alliance of Sudanese opposition movements, formed in November 2011. Other, smaller Darfur rebel groups did not join the SRF, like the Liberation Movement for Justice, led by Taher Hajar (LMJ-TH) and commanded in the field by Ali Karbino. The SLM-MM, SLM-AW, and LMJ-TH are cooperating in Darfur under the name of the “Darfur joint resistance forces”.

File photo: SLM-MM troops in Darfur (Radio Dabanga archive)


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