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Rains, floods continue to ravage parts of Sudan

A flooded village in El Gezira, August 2016 (file photo)
A flooded village in El Gezira, August 2016 (file photo)

Heavy rainfall continued to afflict various parts of El Gezira and North Kordofan over the weekend. Two people died in El Gezira on Saturday.

“On Saturday, two people were killed when their houses collapsed during torrential rains in Wad Rawah,” a listener reported to Radio Dabanga from El Kamlin. “Six houses collapsed entirely and 56 partially,” he said. “More than 30 latrines collapsed as well.”

Six villages in Rifi El Jamous in El Managil locality were hit by flash floods on Saturday as well.

An activist reported to Radio Dabanga from El Managil that the waters coming from the El Doud hills flooded the villages of Karari, Mereehla, Gabouja, Ranjok, Kadous, and Hereedana.

“About 30 percent of the houses collapsed, as well as most of the village schools, Large areas of agricultural fields are flooded,” he said. “Fortunately, no one died. But our children may become ill, as the affected are living in the open, in the mud, without access to clean drinking water.”

He appealed to the authorities “to intervene, and save the victims as soon as possible”.

A resident of Dalwat El Bahar in East El Gezira told this station that more than 100 homes and about 500 latrines broke down as a result of the rains and floods. “Another 300 houses are damaged. More than 150 acres of agricultural land and 80 brick kilns are flooded.”

More than 200 acres of farmland near El Bashagara town in East El Gezira’s El Hilaliya are flooded, Sheikh El Tayeb Abumareen, MP for El Hilaliya district reported.

He added that the students who were injured when the Koran school they were in collapsed two weeks ago have recovered.

In North Kordofan, rains that lasted eight continuous hours led to the collapse of 209 houses in the area of El Marikh in Jabrat El Sheikh locality. A listener reported as well that large numbers of sheep and camels died in the floods afflicting the locality.  

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