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Prison terms for warring East Darfur tribesmen

August 3 - 2017 ED DAEIN
A policeman inspects a prison cell in Darfur (File photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran / Unamid)
A policeman inspects a prison cell in Darfur (File photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran / Unamid)

On Monday a special court in East Darfur sentenced 22 Rizeigat and Maaliya omdas and 73 other tribesmen to prison terms between three to six months.

A source revealed that the 22 omdas were transferred to the Port Sudan Central Prison after the authorities shaved each prisoner.

Anas Omar, the Governor of East Darfur, acknowledged that “the government is keeping a limited number of native administration officials from the Rizeigat and Maaliya and many of the so-called militants in the prisons of Nyala and Port Sudan, in order to preserve the blood and spread the prestige of the state”.

According to reports from Ed Daein in East Darfur, the Rizeigat omdas tried under the State of Emergency and sent to the Central Prison of Port Sudan are Mohamed Banani, Aidam Abubakar, Jalouta Taher, Ahmed Ageed, El Hadi Burma, El Hadi Mohamed Obeid, Hamouda Mohamed Ombedi, Omar Nahoula, Jibril Tiya, Ali Buram, Hussein Kibir, Saleh Neenat, El Beshari, Eisa El Siddig Yahya, Amer Mohamed Amer and Adam Daoud.

The Maaliya omdas are: Hamad Ibrahim Hamid, Abu El Seida, Jamayel, Bashir Balak, and Korona.

Security forces held a large number of Rizeigat and Maaliya leaders and other tribesmen in East Darfur on Saturday, following deadly clashes that erupted between the warring tribes a week ago. The East Darfur authorities deployed a military buffer force to separate the militants.

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