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‘Calm’ as buffer force deployed between tribes in East Darfur

July 27 - 2017 ED DAEIN
Rizeigat tribesmen in Darfur (File photo: Albert González Farran/Unamid)
Rizeigat tribesmen in Darfur (File photo: Albert González Farran/Unamid)

The state of East Darfur on Wednesday deployed a buffer force between the Maaliya and Rizeigat tribes following bloody clashes that have left scores of dead and wounded.

Omda Hamed Mohamedi Bashshar of the Maaliya tribe said that army troops deployed in areas west of Abu Karinka to separate the two tribes. He explained that the situation witnessed a remarkable calm on Wednesday, while the situation was reportedly very tense on Tuesday.

An activist from the East Darfur capital of Ed Daein told Radio Dabanga that the governor of the state announced at a meeting with the youth members of the ruling National Congress Party the deployment of buffer forces between the two tribes. He pointed out that Ed Daein witnessed a remarkable calm and told Radio Dabanga that no deployment of troops in the town was noticed.

The Sudan Tribune website quoted a security official that the governor of East Darfur, Anas Omar threatened to dismiss Rizeigat and Maaliya nazirs (local administration leaders) from the administration, and the appointment of others, to resolve the volatile security situation five days ago in various parts of the state of East Darfur.

The security source added that the governor issued directives to the security services, using military force, including air force to disperse crowds of armed tribesmen. He explained that the military aircraft carried out flights to read, the situation in preparation for a plan to deal with the situation if exacerbated.

The MPs of East Darfur National Assembly, held all state authorities and relevant authorities there fully responsible for everything that happened in the state. In a statement circulated yesterday to Khartoum-based newspapers, MPs said that the events between Ma’aliya and Rizeigat are still continuing, since last Friday, and confirmed the large number of wounded and dead.

They called on the Humanitarian Aid Commission and all civil society organizations to expedite the provision of necessary and urgent assistance to all those affected by the events. They also called for both restraint and patience.

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