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Port Sudan home owners borrow to join power grid

August 10 - 2015 PORT SUDAN
A residential area in Port Sudan (Pulitzercenter)
A residential area in Port Sudan (Pulitzercenter)

People living in the suburbs of Port Sudan have had to borrow money to be connected to the city’s electricity grid, based on the claim that the Red Sea state authorities would pay 25 percent of the costs.

Idris Sheidali, head of El Tawasul Party in Port Sudan, told Radio Dabanga that the owners of more than 2,800 houses have been duped.

He said that the Red Sea state authorities left the responsibility for the electricity connection to the members of the Popular Committees in the districts.

“The Popular Committees demanded about SDG1,000 ($165) per house, as they contracted private companies to carry out the connection.

“The state would bear 25 percent of the costs, but the people were told that they had to finance this part in advance. They did not receive a written guarantee for the advance.

“The home owners borrowed money from the banks based on a micro finance programme,” he explained. “These banks are now chasing the people to pay the money back, instead of knocking on the doors of the Red Sea state authorities.”

He added that the sources of income in the region are “large enough to provide adequate services to the people. The ruling centre, however, is taking most of these resources”.


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