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‘Phase Two of development projects in Darfur to commence soon’: Sese

July 26 - 2015 El FASHER
Dr El Tijani Sese, head of the Darfur Regional Authority (file photo)
Dr El Tijani Sese, head of the Darfur Regional Authority (file photo)

Dr Tijani Sese, head of the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA), announced on Friday that the second phase of the planned development projects in Darfur will be implemented in the coming period.

He told a reporter of the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) on Friday that the DRA has received a letter of guarantee from the Ministry of Finance and National Economy for the amount of SDG900 million ($151 million), in addition to the amount of$1,007 billion contributed by international donors.

The head of the DRA further announced that a high-level delegation, headed by Sudan’s first vice-president and a representative of Qatar, will attend the launch ceremony for the second phase.

Phase one

Sese explained that the DRA received SDG800 million ($134 million) SDG for the implementation of the development projects planned for Phase One, covering the five states of Darfur, in 2013-2014.

He said that with this amount, basic and secondary schools, health units and centres, police posts and stations, and accommodation for teachers, medical assistants, and police officers, as well as some halls in university buildings were maintained and rebuilt.

In addition, the DRA has constructed or maintained water stations, provided schools with furniture, and shelter and food to people who voluntarily returned to their places of origin in 105 locations in 24 localities.

Despite the relatively little time given for the implementation of the projects, Sese said, some of them have been almost completed by now. The implementation of a small percentage of the projects was delayed, most of them in North Darfur, because of the rainy seasons, the withdrawal of some companies, and also because of people refused projects in some of the states.

He added that the DRA has spent SDG200 million to connect Darfur with the national electricity network. The work was financed by the Arab Fund for Development, as pledged at the International Donor Conference for Reconstruction and Development in Darfur early 2013.

The railway between Khartoum and Nyala, capital of South Darfur, has been upgraded at the cost of $15 million. The DRA paid S75 million for construction of airports in the capitals of West and East Darfur.


Sesesaid that he has called on the leaders of the displaced in Darfur to encourage their voluntary return to the villages that have been rebuilt.

He urged the governments of the five Darfur states to conduct a survey of land ownership and available lands, in order to resettle the displaced who are living in the camps.

Darfur dialogue

He further announced that the consultative committee entrusted with Darfur-Darfur Dialogue and Consultation is planning to start another round of meetings covering a large numbers of localities in the region.

A coordination meeting will soon be held in Jedda, Saudi Arabia, regarding the establishment of the Darfur Development Bank.


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