Passengers beaten during hijack in Darfur

Pro-government militiamen hijacked a vehicle carrying 30 people on El Fasher-Nyala road in Darfur, and took it to an unknown destination, after abusing and robbing the passengers.

Militiamen hijacked a passenger vehicle on El Fasher-Nyala road in Darfur, and took it to an unknown destination on Wednesday. In North Darfur, herders abused and robbed a number of farmers.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that the government-backed militiamen intercepted the vehicle, which carried 30 passengers to Nyala, near Abu Zerega. The vehicle was taken at gunpoint and the perpetrators headed westward.

Upon arrival at Tukumari, in South Darfur's Bielel locality, the militiamen disembarked the passengers and severely beat them, before they robbed them of their money, mobile phones and belongings.

The victims were left out in the open after the militiamen took the vehicle and fled.

In Shangil Tobaya, seven Abbala herders, riding on camels, beat and robbed a number of farmers in Um Begi of their money and belongings, a witness in North Darfur told Radio Dabanga.

The farmers have demanded the authorities to stop the violations by the Abbala militiamen.