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28 dead and wounded in North Darfur tribal clashes

March 21 - 2015 MELLIT
(file photo)
(file photo)

At least 28 people were killed and injured in an attack by Ziyadiya tribesmen on Mellit town, North Darfur, on Thursday.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, multiple witnesses reported from the town that the attack was triggered by an attack on a vehicle on the Mellit-El Fasher road. In the ensuing fire fight, a Ziyadiya member of the Central Reserve Police (Abu Tira) was shot dead, and four others sustained bullet wounds.

In response, a group of Ziyadiya militiamen in 11 armed vehicles attacked the south-eastern districts of Mellit in the late afternoon. 13 Berti were killed and six Ziyadiya tribesmen. At least ten people sustained injuries. Three houses were destroyed by fire.

One of the witnesses said that Omda El Doma Adam Abdelrahman was among of the 13 Berti killed in Mellit.  “The Ziyadiya stopped his Land Cruiser, told the driver and the four passengers to disembark, and shot them dead on the spot. The murderers took the Land Cruiser with them when they left.”

Towards sunset an army force arrived to separate the warring parties. Ziyadiya fired at them, which led to the death of an army captain and the wounding of three soldiers.

The sources all reported that the situation in the area is extremely tense, and appealed to the Sudanese government to “immediately intervene to contain the situation”. They also called on native administration leaders and influential Darfur leaders “to stop the bloodshed”.

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