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Outrage as Saudi Arabia deports Sudanese activist to Khartoum

May 31 - 2018 KHARTOUM
Sudanese activist Hisham Ali, known as “Wad Galiba” (File photo)
Sudanese activist Hisham Ali, known as “Wad Galiba” (File photo)

Opposition political and civil forces have condemned the deportation of the activist Hisham Ali, known as “Wad Galiba”, from Saudi Arabia to Khartoum, in separate statements. Saudi officials handed Ali over to the Sudanese security authorities at Khartoum airport on Tuesday morning.

Activists have launched a campaign in the social networking sites demanding the release of Wad Galiba.

The campaign has called on national, regional and international human rights organisations to express solidarity with the detainee Ali and act for his immediate release.

On November 18, 2017 The Saudi Interior Ministry arrested Ali at the request of the Sudanese intelligence and held him in Dhahban prison in Jeddah

The Sudanese Congress Party said in a statement that his arrest comes to add to other detainees of the party Mohamed Osman and Mohab Majzoub, who are daily held by the regime security from 9 am to midnight, depriving them of freedom and practice the worst cases of violation without constitutional support.

A statement by the Sudanese Congress Party said that the arrest of Hisham Ali is an extension of previous incidents by the Saudi authorities when they arrested a number of activists including Waleed El Hussein, founder of El Rakoba newspaper, activists Alaeldin El Dafina, Gasim Mohamed and Waleed El Imam in previous periods and handing them over the to the security authorities of the Sudanese regime.

The party condemned the Saudi authorities’ act of arresting Ali and handing him over to the Sudanese authorities without an offense.

It expressed deep concern over the conditions of his detention in the prisons of the security apparatus of the Sudanese regime.

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