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No sign of fuel, water, electricity shortages abating in Sudan

May 31 - 2018 SUDAN
Fuel queue in Sudan (File photo)
Fuel queue in Sudan (File photo)

On Tuesday, hundreds of residents of Argo and El Birgeig near Dongola in Northern State demonstrated in protest against the lack of water, power cuts and fuel shortages, which continue to affect communities across Sudan.

Residents of Argo told Radio Dabanga that police broke-up demonstrations using force and tear gas. The demonstrators, who closed main roads and set tires on fire, demanding water and electricity.

They pointed to the state of anger following the failure of the agricultural season due to the fuel crisis.

The Sudanese Electricity Company said that the heavy rain and wind in Northern State during the last days have led to the fall of some electric pylons and disconnection of power supply lines to the areas north of Dongola, Karima, and Jilas, and Ambokole and the northern line of Merowe up to the dam.

Red Sea

The acute electricity and water crisis in Suakin in Red Sea state has been ongoing for months without the authorities’ making efforts to resolve it.

Abdallah Barki told Radio Dabanga that the electricity supply only works for limited hours and that the water crisis has entered its third week.

He attributed the electricity crisis to the fact that the locality administration brought in two generators that do not meet the specifications according to the specialists, pointing to repeated non-operation of the generators.

He expressed surprise at the lack of interest in the provision of basic services in Suakin despite receiving thousands of pilgrims.

The crisis of diesel and cooking gas is still in place in the in national capital Khartoum and the states where bus drivers are still spending the night at fuel stations to get supply.

They complained they are unable to work during day hours due to exhaustion caused by the delay in the stations.

Resident have also reported the complete lack of cooking gas cylinders at Irangas while the long lines of continue in front of the gas agencies in different districts.

El Gezira

El Hasaheisa locality of El Gezira state began application of the system of distribution of fuel through cards yesterday.

The commissioner of the locality said that the system of distribution of petroleum products through cards would lead to the solution of the fuel crisis, which affected the life of citizens.

He stressed that the card system also preserves rights, protects the property and achieve justice in distribution


Aroma in Kassala state in eastern Sudan has seen an acute drinking water crisis for more than two weeks.

Mohamed Hasan told Radio Dabanga explained, “the crisis worsened before the holy month of Ramadan”. He explained that the water network operates one day a week where that the price of a barrel has risen to SDG 40 from donkey carts.

He said that officials of the state Water Corporation have attributed the crisis to damage in the water network as well as the fuel crisis.

Underground water reserves depleted

The Ministry of Social Planning in Kassala has attributed the crisis facing Kassala and the two localities of North Delta and Wagar to a reduction in the underground water reserves at a depth of four metres.

Mohamed Saeed, the minister of urban planning of Kassala. “The available water covers only 50 percent of the needs of the city and the two localities”

He added that a number of orchards have dried due to the depletion of underground wells.

He pointed out that the decrease of the quantities of water of El Gash River because of dams established by neighbouring countries on their valley in addition to climate change.

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