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Outcry as Sudan blocks El Sudani newspaper and 30 other websites

July 6 - 2021 KHARTOUM
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A chorus of condemnation has erupted from politicians and media advocates for human rights over the blocking of the website of El Sudani newspaper, as well as more than 30 other websites in Sudan.

The administration of El Sudani newspaper accused the head of the Information Crimes and Digital Investigations Prosecution, Abdelmunim Hafiz, of blocking El Sudani newspaper website and 30 other websites in Sudan, since Tuesday, June 29.

In a statement, the administration said that “the government's contentment with denial is not enough,” calling on the government “to reach out to the perpetrators of this crime, reveal them and bring them to justice”.

El Sudani announced that it will take all legal measures against Abdelmunim Hafiz. “He randomly decided to block all registered and unregistered sites and pages,” due to the alarming spread of information crimes through rumours, dissemination of content that incites sedition and harassment of society, and publication in violation of the law.

The announcement indicated that the newspaper was established 35 years ago and its board of directors and editor-in-chief are well-known.

Feisal El Bagir, Coordinator of Journalists Association for Human Rights (JAHR), described the blocking of platforms and websites as “a heinous and full-fledged crime against the right to expression, access to information and the right to an independent press”.

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