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Opposition leader’s family arrested, detentions in Sennar

February 2 - 2018 KHARTOUM / SINGA
Protesters in Singa in Sennar on Wednesday January 31 (RD)
Protesters in Singa in Sennar on Wednesday January 31 (RD)

Two daughters and three relatives of the arrested former Sudanese Congress Party (SCP) chairman were detained in Khartoum on Wednesday afternoon.

The party published a statement about the detention of Sheima and Israa Ibrahim, daughters of Ibrahim El Sheikh, and his relatives Abeer El Sheikh Abdelgadir, Suheir Ali Deifallah and Ahmed Abdelrahim Abdallah. Security agents detained them at their house in El Safiya district.

“The arrests confirm that the regime and its security apparatus do not have a legal or moral ceiling in repression,” the statement read. “The regime is horrified about the peaceful popular uprising and is seeking by all means to eradicate it in the cradle, including the cheap practice of arresting the daughters of Ibrahim El Sheikh and members of his family.”

The house of Ibrahim El Sheikh was a target of the security appartus in early January, when they stormed the house to arrest the party leader.

Protests in Sennar

On Wednesday, during a demonstration aimed against the high prices for basic goods following the higher taxes in the country, 13 people were arrested in Singa in eastern Sudan's Sennar. The detainees include leading members of the Umma Party, the Communist Party and the Democratic Unionist Party.

Charges were filed against them on the counts of rioting and causing public nuisance. A number of them were released yesterday, after they spent a night in jail pending trial, which is planned to take place next Wednesday.

Abdelmunim Buri Nasri, deputy secretary-general of the Umma Party, Haidar Abdelhadi, head of the local Communist party, and a man named Gismallah, head of the Unionist party were among the arrested people.

In addition, the Umma party reported that Sayed El Nur El Badawi, Yousif Musa Eisa, and Kamal Hassan Abdelrahim were also arrested. Bashir Khalil has disappeared following the protest in Singa without any information about his whereabouts so far.

Khartoum North

In solidarity with the planned protests in Khartoum North on Wednesday, students in El Gezira state and in Singa went out on the street to stage a protest against the soaring prices in the country. According to various reports dozens of protesters have been arrested in Khartoum North that day when riot police blocked and dispersed the crowd.

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