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One dead, another injured in Central and West Darfur attacks

June 1 - 2015 NIERTETI / MURNEI
A Darfuri gunman (Andrew Carter/Meet the Janjaweed)
A Darfuri gunman (Andrew Carter/Meet the Janjaweed)

A man was shot dead by militiamen in Central Darfur on Sunday. In West Darfur, gunmen beat up a displaced man, before they robbed him.

“Two militiamen riding on motorcycles suddenly fired at Abbas Teirab (40) in the area, north of Nierteti, on Sunday evening,” an eyewitness reported to Radio Dabanga.

“He was, on his motorcycle, on his way from Areida to Waringa village, where he lived. After they had killed him, they fled to an unknown destination,” he said.

The coordinator of the Central Darfur camps for the displaced commented by saying that the attackers “clearly aimed to assassinate Teirab, as they did not rob him of his money or his motorcycle”.


In Murnei in West Darfur, six gunmen on motorcycles ambushed Ibrahim Hamed on Sunday evening, while he was returning from the market to the Northern Murnei camp.

“They severely beat him, before they robbed him of his donkey and mobile telephone,” a camp elder told Radio Dabanga.

He called on Unamid to “play their role in the protection of the displaced people against attacks by government-backed militiamen”.

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