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North Darfur Committee ‘reconciles farmers and herders’

December 17 - 2015 KABKABIYA
Abbala tribesmen in Kereinik, West Darfur (Didier Ruef)
Abbala tribesmen in Kereinik, West Darfur (Didier Ruef)

The North Darfur Reconciliation Committee started its advocacy campaign for peaceful coexistence among the tribes of four localities in the state on Tuesday.

Spokesman El Fadil Daoud told reporters in Kabkabiya that the Committee consists of tribal leaders from Kutum, Kabkabiya, El Sereif Beni Hussein, and El Waha localities.

The Committee toured the four localities and found that early grazing on farmlands is creating “quite a challenge”, Saleh Ali Mohamed, the chairman of the Committee, added.

He said that the Committee managed to reconcile farmers and pastoralists in the localities. Both sides committed themselves not to resort to violence when problems occur.

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