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New Sudanese student police ‘armed and authorised to shoot’

August 25 - 2016 KHARTOUM
File photo: A student march in Khartoum (1 June 2016)
File photo: A student march in Khartoum (1 June 2016)

Sudan’s newly formed university police will be armed and authorised to use deadly force if necessary, according to the unit’s chief.

Speaking at the National Assembly in Khartoum during a workshop to discuss the violence at universities, Maj. Gen. Muzammil Ahmed Mahjoub said “the new guard will be armed and authorised to shoot students, according to the rules of the use of force, with the guidance on their application so as not to hurt anyone”.

The General said that they will initially use verbal warnings, but if necessary, they will use live ammunition and deadly force.

El Ameen Dafallah, the Chairman of the University of Khartoum administration board said during the workshop that he rejects any mediation regarding the students who were dismissed following this year’s student unrest. He threatened the students saying “we have trained new physically strong guards who are heavily armed and are allowed to open fire to maintain security at the university”.

The representatives of the Interior Ministry revealed in the workshop the deaths of 11 students because of the violence in the universities of Khartoum during the period from 2006 to 2012.

The State Minister for the Interior, Ahmed Babikir Dignah, justified the police intervention in the event of violence to secure universities, students and maintain security.

The minister denied that the formation of police security of the universities is to ban students from politics and practice of student activity. He added that this will be to save the universities and faculties and to ensure that no weapons will enter the campuses.

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