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New sit-ins all over Sudan

The new sit-in in Amri, Northern State (RD)
The new sit-in in Amri, Northern State (RD)

Demonstrators have started new sit-ins yesterday in Amri in Northern State, and Port Sudan and Sinkat in Red Sea state, demanding security, justice, development and services.

The demonstrators at the new sit-in in Amri in Northern State demand an investigation into the killings in April 2006, and compensation for the damage that was caused by the construction of the Merowe Dam. They also demand accountability and an investigation into corruption at the Merowe Dam.

The Nierteti sit-in continued for the 17th day, despite the implementation of several of the demands of the demonstrators, including the dismissal of the locality security committee, the formation of a joint force, and the arrival of a power generator on Monday.

The protesters said they will continue their sit-in until protection of the agricultural season has been guaranteed.

The sit-ins in Kabkabiya in North Darfur and Misterei in West Darfur entered its sixth day. The sit-ins in East Darfur’s Ed Daein, Bahr El Arab, and Yasin nwere set up three days ago.

On Monday, militiamen attacked the sit-in of Fata Borno in North Darfur's Kutum locality, leaving ten dead and 17 wounded.

The sit-in of the residents of Soba El Aradi in Khartoum has entered its second week. The protestors demand electricity and water services.

In eastern Sudan, sit-ins continue in El Gedaref’s Hawata and in Kassala for the  fourth day. The protest vigils in Port Sudan and Sinkat entered their second day. The demonstrators demand services, asphalt roads and the dismissal of officials.

Darfur Bar Association

Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok had a meeting with the Darfur Bar Association (DBA) in Khartoum yesterday. They discussed the possibility of organising grassroots conferences and workshops in all states of Sudan.

DBA Secretary General El Sadig Ali said Hamdok welcomed their proposal to organise conferences at the sit-ins. The DBA will start preparations for the formation of committees who will organise meetings and conferences on local and national levels.

The attack on the sit-in at Fata Borno camp was discussed as well. Ali: “The prime minister expressed his great concern for the grave violations committed against innocent people, who have the right to peacefully express their opinions at sit-ins. He demands security and the restoration of the Rule of Law.”

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