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‘New return committee to move South Darfur displaced’

September 22 - 2015 KASS
Kass locality between Zalingei and Nyala, Darfur (OCHA)
Kass locality between Zalingei and Nyala, Darfur (OCHA)

Displaced people living in camps in Kass locality, South Darfur, have described the new voluntary return projects by the government and Darfur Regional Authority as a “conspiracy aimed at implementing the government’s plan to dismantle the camps”.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, displaced people warned the voluntary return committee of the consequences if the programme is implemented, by replacing the high committee for the displaced.

They revealed that the Regional Authority has formed a committee of seven people to move the displaced in Kass camps, totalling about 235,000. There are plans to move the populations from eight areas including Kerling Bang, north-east of Kass, Rotkoki, south-east of Kass, and Karki which is east of Zalingei.

The displaced people claimed that the government and the Regional Authority have managed to tempt 16 members of their high committee to join their committee. Some leaders of the displaced people have reportedly joined the seven-member committee.

They also renewed their rejection of any programme that is related to the voluntary return of displaced people, unless the Janjaweed in Darfur are disarmed, (militant) new settlers in their home areas are expelled, security services are provided there, and a just and comprehensive peace is achieved in Sudan.

In July, DRA chairman Dr El Tijani Sese announced a new phase of development projects in Darfur. He called on the leaders of the displaced people in Darfur to encourage their voluntary return to the villages, that have been rebuilt with large funds. He explained that camps will be turned into towns where all basic services will be available.

Sese has also urged the governments of the five Darfur states to conduct a survey of land ownership and available lands, in order to resettle the displaced who are living in the camps.

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