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Narcotics use on the rise among Darfur youth

September 3 - 2018 DARFUR
Bango (cannabis) seized in South Darfur (file photo)
Bango (cannabis) seized in South Darfur (file photo)

Reports reaching Radio Dabanga from across Darfur suggest an increase of narcotic drug use in the region, especially among the youth in camps for the displaced. At least 15 people have died from suspected drug abuse in the region this year.

Correspondents have complained of the spread of drug use, which puts users’ health at great risk, even of death.

A number of residents from Kutum in North Darfur, said the most common drug type is known as Khamsa Nujoum which is a liquid drug, produced locally and used by perfume workers.

They said that the drug has been linked to the deaths of at least 15 people since January, including seven cases in camp Kassab, four cases in camp Fata Borno, and four cases in Kutum.

“The police arrest the drug users and dealers, fine them up to SDG 2,000 (*$70) and then release them to continue their activity in drug abuse and dealing” a community leader said.

He pointed out that the drugs are distributed in different ways by tea selling women, some unemployed youths, and through pharmacies, this in addition to cannabis, which is commonly used and distributed among the elements of militias and regular forces.

The authorities of Shearia town in East Darfur seized 760 sticks of cannabis and a Kalashnikov assault rifle from three people at Abu Dangal area on Tuesday.

* Based on the indicative US Dollar rate quoted by the Central Bank of Sudan (CBoS)

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