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Mysterious injuries during yesterday's Marches of the Millions in Sudan

Heavy tear gas use on El Gasr Street during Feb 24 Marches of the Millions (social media)
Heavy tear gas use on El Gasr Street during Feb 24 Marches of the Millions (social media)

Sudanese people went out in massive processions and demonstrations in Khartoum and a number of other cities in the country yesterday as part of the Marches of Millions called by the resistance committees against military coup regime. Mysterious injuries, possibly caused by a new weapon, were reported.

Demonstrations took place in Khartoum, Wad Madani, El Gedaref, Port Sudan, and other cities to demand full civilian rule and an end to the authority of those who took power in the October 25 Military Coup.

The military forces fired tear gas, stun grenades, and bullets to disperse the demonstrators in Khartoum.

The coup authorities met the Khartoum convoys with the heavy employment security forces and the closure of the Mak Nimr Bridge that connects the centre of Khartoum with Khartoum North (Bahri).

They also closed shops and evacuated parts of central Khartoum. Authorities also closed the perimeter of the Sharwani bus station south of El Gasr street, which leads to the Republican Palace, with barbed wire.

The demonstrations and hit-and-run actions between the demonstrators and the police forces continued until late yesterday evening.

Demonstrators in front of the government secretariat were dispersed by tear gas and excessive violence.

Resistance committees active in the neighbourhoods of Khartoum reported injuries and detentions among the demonstrators.

In Port Sudan, the capital of Red Sea state, security forces fired live bullets and tear gas at protesters. The demonstrators closed a number of the city's main roads using barricades.

Mysterious fractures as demonstrators are injured
by security forces with a potentially new weapon
during yesterday's Marches of the Millions
in Khartoum (social media)


New weapon

In a statement published yesterday, Sudanese doctors reported “to those concerned, specialists, human rights defenders, those standing against violence, and all relevant parties” that a new type of weapon was used repeatedly against the protesters.

This new weapon caused bone fractures among demonstrators in Khartoum, without visible traces.

'Testimonies of wounded protesters said that they feel an electric shock or vibrations during the injury'

The doctors commented that this type of injury is strange and unusual, “which makes us doubt whether authorities use a new, unknown tool that leads to these injuries without causing a wound or visible trace. Testimonies of wounded protesters said that they feel an electric shock or vibrations during the injury”.

The committee condemned the behaviour of the authorities, saying that “this coup authority does not retain any moral credit and is exhausting all illegal means to confront its people with murder, collusion, obstruction, and countless injuries”.

The Resistance Committees suspect that this new weapon might be a laser weapon of some kind and wish those with bone fractures a speedy recovery.

More than 95 protesters have already been killed by security forces during anti-coup demonstrations.

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