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Curfew in Sudan’s Kassala after clashes, arson

May 12 - 2022 KASSALA
Smoke rises over Kassala following clashes in 2020 (File photo)
Smoke rises over Kassala following clashes in 2020 (File photo)

The acting Wali (governor) of Sudan’s Kassala has imposed a curfew from 21:00 in the state, after at least one person died and others injured in ‘tribal friction’ on Wednesday afternoon.

Callers from Kassala told Radio Dabanga the clashes were sparked by a quarrel between a few people, and escalated to violence that included the burning of houses.

Plumes of smoke rising over Kassala town, and heavy fire into the air by the regular forces, caused terror among the residents of the neighbourhoods.

The alternate governor of Kassala State, Adel Osman, imposed a curfew in Kassala locality and its various markets, from 21:00 until further notice.

The area witnessed bloody clashes two years ago, between Nuba and Beni Amer tribesmen, which left more than 10 dead and a number of wounded, and a large number of houses and properties were burned.

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