More than 20 dead in herders’ clash with RSF, North Darfur

Seven herders and fifteen members of Sudan’s paramilitary force were killed in a gunfight following a cattle theft in North Darfur. Militiamen also robbed a camp in Tawila locality of its livestock.

Seven herders and fifteen members of Sudan's paramilitary force were killed in a gunfight that followed a cattle theft in southern El Fasher locality, North Darfur, today. Argo camp for the displaced in Tawila locality was robbed of its livestock by militiamen on Wednesday.

The clash erupted today (Friday) in Galab area, east of Tabit town. A cattle owner from the area told Dabanga how the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) entered the area and robbed hundreds of livestock animals.

“After the RSF came in eight Land Cruisers and took 400 sheep, 50 cows, and 25 camels from Galab, the cattle owners and other people decided to follow them, and fight.” The group tracked the militiamen, moving slowly while herding the cattle, and ambushed them near Galab.

“We killed fifteen of them, and destroyed two Land Cruisers. Seven of us fell in battle, and five sustained injuries.”

Members of the RSF in the same area came to the aid of their comrades. “This large group opened heavy fire on us, after which we withdrew,” the witness said. He added that the RSF took three shepherds with them. The group of cattle owners left the livestock there, and returned to Galab.

Camp's livestock robbed

Pro-government militiamen robbed 84 livestock animals from inside Argo camp for displaced people in Tawila locality, North Darfur, on Wednesday.

A camp resident told Dabanga that nine militiamen, riding on camels, attacked the newly displaced people, who have recently fled Fanga in East Jebel Marra, in the evening. “They took 66 sheep, 13 cows, and five donkeys at gunpoint, and fled the camp.”

Militiamen attacked another camp for displaced people in North Darfur this week. Zamzam camp was pillaged on Tuesday morning by RSF troops in seven Land Cruisers. A witness said that the plundering continued until 2 pm that day.

East Darfur cattle owners injured

In Shak Adoko area in Abu Jabra locality, East Darfur, six people sustained injuries, two of whom seriously, in a clash with gunmen. The men had robbed cattle on Tuesday, witnesses told Dabanga.

“The cattle owners who were robbed in Beighit area, near the train station in Abu Karinka, took their weapons and teamed up to track down the robbers. The group clashed with the gunmen in Shak Adoko area.”

The witnesses in the area feared that tribal clashes might break out, as the two groups belonged to two different tribes. “Crowds of militant tribesmen are gathering in the area. Authorities must intervene to disperse these crowds and contain the situation.”