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More than 10 demonstrations in Sudan on 'Angry Friday'

October 4 - 2013 KHARTOUM

Mass demonstrations to overthrow the government of President Omar Al Bashir resumed at several places in Sudan, following the Friday prayers.

Activists nicknamed the day “Angry Friday” (Juma al Ghadab), others called it Martyrs’ Friday (Juma al Shuhada), referring to the 210 people who have reportedly been killed by the police in the past nine days of heavy protests.

Major demonstrations took place in Omdurman, Khartoum Burri, Khartoum-North (Shambaat) and in Haj Yousif Jabra. There were also demonstrations in several states, such as Wad Madani (Gezira), An Nahud (West Kordofan), Atbara (River Nile) and Port Sudan (Red Sea).

In Bahri Shambaat people chanted: “We want the regime down”, “Peace and Justice”, “You stole my sweat”. Others wanted: “Revolution! Revolution! That is what people want”.

A large police force was mobilised at nearly all the public squares in Khartoum. They fired rubber bullets and tear gas against the demonstrators who were unarmed, without even carrying sticks.

In Omdurman people gathered at Wad Nubawi, using the slogan “Revolution until victory”. A choir of demonstrators chanted: “The palace gang does not scare us off”.

For the first time people also voiced oppose the way the government uses religion to justify its politics. “They are using religion for oppressing people to cover up their theft from the people. They are stealing our sweat,” a demonstrator told Radio Dabanga.

Several eyewitnesses said the police used force, including batons and sticks. Several people were injured and arrested.

Port Sudan

In Port Sudan dozens of families, politicians and elders, gathered in front of the security building demanding the immediate release of the detained demonstrators.

One of the members of the Legislative Assembly of Red Sea state took part in the protests. He told Radio Dabanga: “Elements of the security are cruel and brutal in their violence against protesters”.

The police besieged the square where the crowd was demonstrating, using pick-up trucks mounted with machine guns and using tear gas to disperse the protesters. The crowd went to the Square of Martyrs (Medan al Shuhada). Police officers threatened some legislators at gunpoint despite their immunity, a victim explained to Radio Dabanga.

National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) seized the vehicle of the president of the Beja Conference, the largest tribe in East Sudan. The Beja leader is advisor to the governor of Red Sea state. The police took his car to NISS headquarters.

In An Nahud (West Kordofan) thousands were protesting after the main Friday prayer, demanding social justice, freedom and democracy.

The police attempted to prevent the people from heading for the market. The NISS arrested more than 30 people. By the end of Friday afternoon, the town was entirely surrounded with heavily armed police forces. The market has been closed and a curfew has been imposed.

News photo (above): Sudan demonstrations

Lawyers protest in front of the NISS building in Khartoum


Mass protests in Khartoum North (Bahri) (Photo Alrakoba)


Protestors at Al Mirghani Mosque in Bahri


People gather at a house in Khartoum Bahri (Shambaat) for the funeral of a demonstrator killed by police bullets in the past week - see three more pictures below (Pictures Radio Dabanga).




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