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'Former rebels kill merchant and wife in North Darfur': source

October 4 - 2013 TAWILA / KASS

A merchant and his wife were reportedly shot dead on Wednesday evening in the area of Nima, south of Tawila, North Darfur. Sources claim the perpetrators belong to a former rebel faction. 

Gunmen, driving a vehicle mounted with a machine gun, invaded the home of merchant Eisa Ahmed Osman and his wife Kaltouma Ramadan at 11pm. The house is located about 5km south of Tawila, a witness told Radio Dabanga.. 

The two victims were forced to hand over all of their possesions; when they refused, the attackers fired ten shots at their head and chest killing Osman and Ramadan on the spot. The attackers then stole everything in the house and fled, the source recounted. 

Following the incident, neighbours quickly formed a ‘rescue group’ to track the alleged perpetrators, who were found in the area of Taradona, 30km south of Tawila. Sources say this is the headquarters of a rebel faction that "signed a peace agreement".

The faction of historical leader Osman Ibrahim Musa, split from the Sudan Liberation Army-Abdel Wahid. It signed a peace agreement on 19 January 2011 with the then South Darfur governor Abdel Hamid Musa Kasha.   

The ‘rescue group’ formed by the merchant's neighbours reportedly surrounded the rebels and demanded their leaders to hand over the perpetrators.  

The source appealed to the authorities to put an end to the violations and excesses of members of the rebel faction and bring their perpetrators to justice.


Militiamen allegedly surrounded the area of Kumba, South Darfur. They beat and lashed the residents and took one of them hostage.

Residents of Kumba reported to Radio Dabanga that militiamen on horses and camels surrounded the area of Kumba, 2km west of the town of Kass.

They mistreated the population and took Abdelbasir Ahmed hostage, asking a ransom of SDG15,000 ($3,385) as compensation for a camel they claimed was killed in the area.

The residents filed a complaint with the authorities in Yad El Nahal, to no avail, they said

File photo Olivier Chassot/Unamid 


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