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More Central Darfur villagers displaced by bombing

January 24 - 2016 NIERTETI
Nierteti-Kass (OCHA map of Darfur)
Nierteti-Kass (OCHA map of Darfur)

The south-western part of Jebel Marra, in Central Darfur, witnessed intense aerial bombardments and artillery shelling on Saturday and Sunday.

Dozens of families fled their villages in the area of Thur, southeast of Nierteti, a listener reported to Radio Dabanga. “Some of them found refuge in the basic and secondary schools of Thur, others are surviving in the centre of the town.”

The population of four villages, about three kilometres west of Nierteti fled the bombing too.

“Since the fighting between Khartoum and the rebels of the Sudan Liberation Movement began nine days ago, the people in Thur live in constant fear of the continued bombing and shooting, and because of the heavy presence of paramilitaries and militiamen in and around the town,” he said.

“A number of families already left for the relative safety in Kass, some 30 kilometres southeast of Thur”.


The residents of Nierteti in Central Darfur reported that the shooting, shelling, and bombing of villages in the neighbourhood continued on Saturday and Sunday.

A number of shop and stall keepers at the market opened their doors on Sunday morning.

“The closure of the roads and the markets caused a marked rise in the prices of the basic consumer goods.

And said citizen Radio Dabanga that the price of a ratul [a pound] of tomato sauce rose from SDG8 ($1.30) to SDG15 ($2.45), while the price of a litre of cooking oil rose from SDG10 ($1.62) to SDG15.

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