Militias return from North Darfur raids with food, cattle

Kutum residents report that groups of militias are passing by with stolen goods, on their way back from the villages they raided in Mellit. Aid delivery is hampered.

Militias continued to pass through Kutum locality in North Darfur on Wednesday and Thursday, allegedly returning from attacks they committed in Mellit in the previous days. A source said that at least 48 people were killed and injured during these raids, northwest of El Fasher locality. Aid operations by international and local organisations in Mellit are hampered because of the insecurity in the area.

Several witnesses told Radio Dabanga that pro-government militias that participated in the attacks in Mellit locality were on their way to the military bases in Kutum town. “About 60 vehicles loaded with food items, household furniture and other items drove by.”

One of them said that 25 vehicles went to Damirat El Gubba, 22 drove to Kutum town with one of the leaders of the Central Reserve Forces, and 15 vehicles went to El Ghireir area.

“About 60 vehicles loaded with food items, household furniture and other items drove by.”

Another group of militia members on camels and horses passed on Thursday with more stolen livestock. “About 40 camels and ten herds of sheep,” according to a witness. He explained that the militiamen passed Shug El Nakhara on their way to Damirat Misseri, which is north of Kutum.

Aid delivery hampered

The UN humanitarian office (OCHA) reported that aid operations in Mellit locality have been adversely affected owing to insecurity caused by clashes between the Berti and Ziyadiya tribes, that ignited in the last week of March.

In the latest OCHA bulletin, it becomes clear that some aid agencies have limited their activities, and others have withdrawn staff from the area.

The International Organization for Migration reported the displacement of an estimated 8,000 people (1,600 families) who have arrived in Saiha area, and an estimated 135 people (27 families) who have arrived in Abasi camp. The Sudanese Red Crescent Society suspended operations in the eleven health facilities they run in Mellit area. The World Food Programme postponed its displacement profiling exercise.