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Militiamen threaten to displace villagers in West Darfur

November 28 - 2016 SILEIA
The area of Sileia in West Darfur (OCHA map of Darfur)
The area of Sileia in West Darfur (OCHA map of Darfur)

Militiamen are threatening to attack the villages of Manjura and Rufeida in West Darfur if the residents do not join their fight against a Chad pursuit posse.

“They gave the villagers 24 hours to decide to join them, or to leave for the Sirba camp for the displaced or cross the Chad border,” the coordinator of the Sirba camps told Radio Dabanga.

He said that a group of Darfuri militiamen raided the area of Sunta in eastern Chad on Sunday morning. “They killed a man, and took a large number of livestock with them to the area of Manjura and Rufeida near Sileia town in Jebel Moon locality.”

“A pursuit posse arrived from Chad at the area, and in the ensuing gunfight two Chadians and a member of the joint Sudan-Chad border forces were killed.

“After the villagers of Manjura and Rufeida refused to join the fighting, the militiamen threatened to displace them from their homes if they do not change their opinion.”

On 1 November, an even deadlier clash occurred near Kulbus in Jebel Moon between Darfuri armed robbers and members of a Chad pursuit team. At least 20 people were killed and injured. 

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