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Militiamen kill one, injure others in separate incidents in Darfur

July 17 - 2015 NORTH / SOUTH DARFUR
File photo: militiamen on horses
File photo: militiamen on horses

A man on his way to celebrate Eid El Fitr with his family was shot dead by government-backed militiamen in North Darfur on Thursday. In a separate incident on the same day, militiamen in armed vehicles intercepted a truck and beat the passengers, before robbing them.

Three militiamen opened fire on Abdallah Yousef Mahmoud Sharaf in the area of Khor Ramla, west of Central Darfur's capital Nierteti. Sharaf was travelling by motorbike to Bindiga, west of Nierteti, where he would celebrate Eid El Fitr with his relatives. Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that the person travelling with Sharaf was 'seriously wounded but survived the incident'. The militiamen took all of the victims' possessions, including the motorbike.

In a separate development, pro-government militiamen driving Land Cruisers mounted with Dushkas intercepted a commercial truck of the brand ZY in the area of Gerbit, east of El Malha in North Darfur. Victims said they were beaten and had their money and mobile phones stolen. The militiamen also stole the goods the tuck was carrying and fled.

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