Militiamen kill two in Mellit, child dies by bombing in North Darfur

In North Darfur, two men are killed at the hands of robbing pro-government militiamen, and one child dies in an aerial bombardment of an Antonov.

Two men were shot dead at the hands of pro-government militiamen in Malawi area, close to Mellit, North Darfur, on Thursday. The killing took place against the backdrop of the raids in Mellit locality earlier this week, in which militiamen reportedly killed and injured at least 48 people. Thursday also witnessed an aerial bombardment in East Jebel Marra, resulting in the death of a child. In Kass, a man was shot dead by militiamen.

A relative of one of the dead reported to Radio Dabanga that the militiamen, driving five vehicles mounted with Dushka guns, were on their way to Kabkabiya after participating in the raids on several villages in Mellit last weekend and from Monday to Wednesday.

Passing through Malawi, the militia troops robbed about 97 camels, nine donkeys, and SDG 50,000 ($8,318). A rescue team was set up by the local population to chase them. When the team confronted the thieves, Shumi Abaker Ahmed and Abdel Rahman Ahmed Dud were shot dead.

Aerial bombardment

A child died by an explosion when the Sudanese Air Force bombed an area near Fanga, in East Jebel Marra, on Thursday. A number of livestock was killed too, and the large tracts of farmland were burned down.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that an Antonov aircraft flew over Burgo area, north of Fanga, for a long time, before it dropped seventeen bombs. The 8-year-old Saleh Goma Saleh was killed inside her house. Twelve cows and donkeys did not survive the bombardment either.
“The latest attack sparked panic amongst the residents in the area, who have fled into the woods and mountains.

Militiamen kill during robbery

In Kass in South Darfur, a man was shot dead by two pro-government militiamen on Thursday, a witness reported to the radio station. The men were riding on two camels and wearing military uniforms when they attacked a number of people in Bakin neighbourhood in Kass. They tried to rob them at gunpoint. When the people refused to cooperate, shot dead Osman Abaker Mousa.