SPLA-N claims brief seizure of army garrison in South Kordofan

Rebels issued a statement, claiming to have controlled a military garrison in the Nuba Mountains for hours. They reported killing 28 soldiers there, and eight soldiers near El Abbasiya.

Rebels of the Sudan People's Liberation Army-North (SPLA-N) controlled a Sudanese military garrison northwest of Delling on 29 March for two hours straight, their military spokesman claimed in a statement extended to the press.

The government forces fled Alfarishaiya garrison, 25 km northwest of Delling in the Nuba Mountains, and left 28 dead bodies on the ground, spokesman Arnu Ngutulu Lodi wrote.

The rebels were able to capture military equipment in the two hours they controlled the garrison, including a Land Cruiser, five Dushka machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), 82mm and 60mm mortars and rifles. One rebel fighter was wounded.

On 1 April, the SPLA-N repulsed Sudanese soldiers at Jebel Ubsim, 25 km southwest of El Abbasiya town, in an area claimed by the rebels. Lodi reported that they killed eight soldiers.

He added that some military equipment in good conditions was seized. “The repulsed convoy was one of three [Sudanese] convoys in Rashad county, [which] burned, destroyed and looted the villages of Kalbi, Tassili, Ardeba, Goz-loban, Shamkina, Tosur and Tandri on 19 March, before they were repulsed.”