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Militia ‘toll gates’ re-appear in North Darfur

January 25 - 2016 KUTUM
A militiaman in Darfur (file photo)
A militiaman in Darfur (file photo)

Six months after the North Darfur authorities removed the militia toll gates on the roads between the state capital of El Fasher and Kutum, groups of militiamen are again collecting ‘passage fees’.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a resident of Kutum reported that the traffic almost entirely stopped on the El Fasher-Kutum road last week after militiamen set up seven ‘toll gates’.

“They impose amounts of SDG300 to SDG400 ($50-65) on all commercial vehicles loaded with goods from Khartoum,” he said.

He explained that the situation led to a shortage of basic commodities and an increase in the prices. “The price of a [100kg] sack of sugar rose from SDG320 ($52) to SDG360 ($58), while the price of a gallon of diesel increased from SDG280 ($45) to SDG310 ($50).”

The source called on the North Darfur authorities “to immediately intervene and remove the toll gates, and bring the racketeers to justice”.

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