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Militia take carts and donkeys from firewood collectors Darfur

June 22 - 2015 NYALA
Donkey cart loaded with firewood (Albert González Farran/Unamid)
Donkey cart loaded with firewood (Albert González Farran/Unamid)

Uniformed militiamen assaulted internal displaced people from Kalma camp while seeking firewood in Bilel locality in South Darfur. After beating the men and women, they stripped them from all their possessions including donkey carts, the donkeys and other possessions.

Radio Dabanga spoke with the victims, being Halima Mohammed, Zahra Abdul Rasoul Adam and Abdul Rahim Mousa Haroun.

Saleh Eissa Mohammed, secretary general for the IDP community in Kalma camp, told Radio Dabanga that they have notified the police and the Human Rights section of UNAMID. He appealed to them to stop the government-armed militias attacking the IDPs.

 In a separate incident at Abu Udam agricultural area east of Kalma camp, similar militiamen have robbed eight displaced people from their mobiles and their money.

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