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Militia attacks in 2 North Darfur camps leave 4 wounded

March 25 - 2013 SARAF OMRA

Pro-government militias injured four displaced on Sunday in attacks carried out in two different camps of North Darfur.  

The first incident happened at the newly established camp of Jebel El Jedid in Saraf Omra locality. Sources said armed militias invaded the home of Ismail Mohamed Mohamed, beat him and his wife with whips and stole their two goats and a horse.   

Militants then left to camp Dankoj, also in Saraf Omra, where they started firing heavily in the air. Two pedestrians who were passing by during the firing were beaten by the militants: Abkar Mohamed and Omar Zakaria, according to a witness.

Displaced of both camps appealed to local authorities, to UNAMID and to the international community to take “urgent action” and protect them.

They condemned the militias’ attacks and also appealed that perpetrators are brought to justice.

Photo: Khor Abeche, located near Nyala in South Darfur (Albert Gonzalez Farran/ UNAMID)

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