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Military attacks bring number of displaced in Deribad area to 100000

February 25 - 2010 DERIBAT

The military attacks on Deribad (east of Jebel Marra) caused ‘massive displacement’ , bringing the number of displaced in the area to more than a 100000. Medecins du Monde reported that fierce clashes took place yesterday in the area, and they were forced to cease their activities there. The fighting took place especially in the area of Feina, where the health clinic was looted on 18 February. SLM (Wahid) accused the government of launching a large-scale attack using helicopter gunships and MIG jet bombers. Advisor to the general commander of SLM (Wahid) told Radio Dabanga that houses were set ablaze and livestock were also killed due to bombardment. He also accused pro-government militia of entirely looting the hospital facilities operated by Medicins du Monde.

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