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Khalil threatens to pull out of Doha

February 25 - 2010 DOHA

Khalil Ibrahim, leader of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) threatened to withdraw from the Doha peace talks. Khalil Ibrahim rejected separate talks between the government and the newly formed Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM). The Sudanese government had announced yesterday they would hold separate negotiations with the LJM. This group contains of the former Addis Ababa road map group and the group united in Tripoli. The ten factions rejected to merge with the JEM. Khalil Ibrahim said they do no accept having more than one venue for peace talks, in one issue, and with one mediation. This is unacceptable, he said. He added that he proposed to the LJM and still wants to merge with them into one movement before negotiating with the government. The LJM declined this offer saying they are more interested in just coordinating.

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