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‘Malnutrition spreads’ in Zalingei camps, Central Darfur

May 2 - 2013 ZALINGEI

Reports are emerging from the Zalingei camps of Central Darfur of the spread of malnutrition, especially among children and pregnant women.

The camps’ coordinator told Radio Dabanga that the numbers of those visiting health centres due to malnutrition has risen significantly.

At a Tuesday meeting with humanitarian organizations, he highlighted that this is due to limiting the food ration in mixture and corn, as well as the reduced per capita distribution:

“In a number of Zalingei camps, displaced families are not receiving their food rations. This is because of errors during re-registration of cards, as well the relocation of significant numbers to Zalingei camps from Gildo, Nertiti and their peripheries due to the fighting there.”

The coordinator explained they had urgently requested the organizations expedite solving the food problems in the camps. They also urged the World Food Programme (WFP) to reconsider its policies.

This is similar to what occurred earlier this month when it was reported to Radio Dabanga that WFP reduced food rations of residents of Kassab camps in North Darfur from 16 to 6.75 kilos per person per month.

Displaced persons from the Zalingei camps have also complained of high fuel prices and consumer goods in the city. The price of a gallon on petrol has mounted to SDG 160, while the price of a diesel tin has mounted to SDG 80.

A pound of sugar has increased from SDG 3 to SDG 3.5, a cake of soap from SDG 2 to SDG 3; a plate of millet or corn now cost SDG 15 and SDG 10 respectively. (1 SDG = approx $0.23)

The Zalingei camp coordinator reported to Radio Dabanga that these increases have affected the humanitarian situation of the population, particularly those whose situation has already deteriorated from lack of access to humanitarian sources of income.

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