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‘Abbala militias’ threaten to invade Darfur camp over dead camel

May 2 - 2013 FATA BORNO

“Abbala militias” have threatened to invade a North Darfur camp unless its residents compensate them for a camel they are blamed for killing. The insurgents refuse to settle the matter via the police, sources say.

The animal was found dead near a well in a vegetable garden owned by a displaced man, one kilometer away from the Fata Borno camp in Kutum locality.

The camp’s sheikh, who denies the involvement of the displaced persons, met with the Abbala militia leader and asked him to settle the matter with the police “if they did not believe him”.

However, the militia leader replied “I am the authority, not the police” and ordered Fata Borno’s residents to reimburse him or have the camp invaded.

The sheikh then met with the commander of the Central Reserve Forces (known as Abu Tira) in Kutum called Colonel Walid, who promised to send more forces to protect them camp, sources said.

In March, the Governor of North Darfur lifted a State of Emergency in the locality of Kutum. This caused the responsibility for guarding the Fata Borno camp to return to the Abu Tira forces.

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